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Shift Your Energy, Change Your Life

A kundalini awakening transformed Amanda Hainline from “hot mess mom” to emotional freedom mentor. In her new book, “Feel Better in Five Minutes,” this playful intuitive healer and guide teaches stressed-out people to tap their hidden power source.

In her bestselling new book, “Feel Better in Five Minutes,” Amanda Hainline combines a unique understanding of emotional energy and psychology to reveal underlying causes of the stress, anxiety, and depression that are rampant today.

Fifteen years ago, Amanda felt like a lot of women — exhausted and pulled in a dozen directions at once by the demands of motherhood, marriage, work, and life. Then a powerful, unexpected experience made her realize the source of her angst: a barrage of untended emotions — frustration, anger, sadness, resentment, and others — all fighting for her attention.

Feeling overwhelmed, Amanda visited an energy healer on the advice of a friend. On her second visit, the healer told her that all her chakras wanted to open at once. Amanda had one question: “What's a chakra?”

“They're just energy centers that run down the middle of your body,” the healer responded. Then she tapped on Amanda’s head and heart.

Suddenly the most intense fear consumed me. Complete and utter terror slammed me from every side,“ Amanda recalls. “Every muscle tensed. I felt like I was being electrocuted. After what seemed like an eternity, my body collapsed onto the table.”

It was only through later research that Amanda realized what had happened to her. She had experienced a spontaneous “kundalini awakening” — when dormant energy suddenly flows freely through the seven chakras (energy centers), leading to an expanded state of consciousness.

For six months, Amanda found herself reliving every emotion she had ever suppressed or buried, along with traumatic memories from her childhood. She felt terrified, out of control, buffeted by her own emotions and those of everyone around her. Then slowly things changed for her.

“As I let go of more and more of my own emotions, the more stable I became. I could focus again. My crying spirals became less and less frequent. Best of all, I could re-engage with the world again without taking on the energy of everyone else around me as often — but when I did, I developed a new set of tools for releasing emotions so that they didn't weigh me down.”

Few people will experience a kundalini awakening, but just about anyone can learn valuable lessons from Amanda’s experience. In “Feel Better in Five Minutes,” she shares 79 methods to help others gain freedom from the anxiety, depression, and stress that are rampant today, to help themselves and others.

“I help people improve relationships, achieve success, and all around be their ultimate selves through a largely untapped resource that everyone has and that hardly anyone is aware of — their human energy system.”

Amanda is passionate about helping people understand that energy is “truly the core of everything; when you shift the energetics, everything else shifts automatically.” Topics she enjoys discussing include:

* Energy — the hidden factor that affects our physical and mental health.
* Energetic “biohacking” — shortcutting complicated processes for faster results.
* Exercises to keep you grounded, calm, centered, and moving forward.
* Manifesting your man — working on yourself to attract the partner you deserve.
* Understanding the link between colors and emotions, and how to use color to feel better fast.
* Are you an empath? If so, you may be more susceptible to the energy of others, and need help to protect yourself from “energetic congestion.”
* Relationships, success, happiness, health, and death from an energetic perspective.

In “Feel Better in Five Minutes,” Amanda translates complex energetic principles into simple lessons anyone can understand. She shares wisdom from the many roles she has embraced since her awakening: emotional freedom mentor, intuitive healer, health and fitness enthusiast, clairvoyant, audiovoyant, clairsentient, and medium.

“My core passion is helping people understand that energy is an important part of health and how their life functions,” she says.

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