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Feel Better in Five: Shift Your Fundamental Emotional State

Amanda discusses the basics of energy healing: how our emotions alert us when we need healing, and how understanding that emotions are something we experience, not who we are, can help us shift our emotional state and heal.

Are You A Victim of Your Emotions?

When we are unable to process and release emotions from traumatic events, they can take on a life of their own and start to define who we are. Amanda explains how troubling experiences can “imprint” our emotions — and the process she has developed to help people assess and release emotions that are holding them back in life.

The Secret to Unlocking Buried Emotions

Buried emotions are drawn to certain organs in our bodies. Amanda explains how ailments begin energetically and manifest in the physical body, how to locate buried emotions in the body, and how to release them by setting an intention to do so.

Color Is an Energy Vitamin

Colors and emotions are related; understanding that relationship can help you dress for success, decorate your surroundings and even choose the foods you need. Amanda explains how.

Eat Color for a Healthy Energy System

Amanda explains how “eating the rainbow” can help you improve your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Breathing for Power and Healing

Amanda explains different forms of deep breathing, including breathing in color, breathing white light, and “breathing through your feet” and how they can boost energy, relieve physical discomfort, and shift your mood.

Upset? Script a Plan for Change

Vent. Reflect. Think Positive. Resolve. Amanda explains how writing can help you access thoughts and emotions, identify and release those that are troubling you, shift your perspective, and resolve disagreements.

Pessimistic, Depressed, Negative: A Protocol for Change

People who struggle with negative thought patterns often have a depleted energy system. Amanda explains why shifting your mindset alone is not enough, and what to do instead.

An Empath’s Guide: Take Back Your Power

Are you very sensitive to the emotions of others? Do people consider you a great listener and come to you with their problems? If so, you’re probably an empath. Empaths have weak energetic boundaries and tend to absorb energy from others. Amanda explains how to protect yourself from bad vibes.

Stretch out of the Blahs

Amanda shares physical and emotional exercises to get the blood flowing in your body and get energy flowing through your system.

Stop Beating Yourself Up!

Anger is among strong negative emotions that can sabotage our happiness and relationships and damage our physical health. Unexpressed anger often manifests in destructive self-talk. Amanda shares her protocol for pausing, breathing, and getting grounded to shift out of destructive patterns.

From Hot Mess Mom to Emotional Freedom Mentor

Amanda explains the dramatic, spontaneous shift that made her an intuitive healer and emotional freedom mentor. In sharing her story, she hopes to expand understanding for others, including young people with spiritual gifts that might be mistaken for mental illness.
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